Mens Recovery

Alpha Omega is a community outreach project under the blanket of Catholic Social Services of the Upper Peninsula.  Alpha Omega is run almost exclusively by the residents that occupy the house, including a House Leader, House Manager, and certified addiction professionals.  Donations help fund some of the operating costs with CSSUP making up the difference.  Alpha Omega believes that faith in a Creator (God) is necessary for a complete and successful recovery and so spiritual components will be visible in this facility.

Alpha Omega Residential Recovery Home believes that chemical and/or drug and alcohol dependency is something that affects the individual, family members, and their community.

Alpha Omega house serves the community by providing a sober living environment for men making the transition from addiction to sobriety.  If you meet the following criteria, follow the house rules, and are willing to go to any length to achieve sobriety, you are welcome here.

The Alpha Omega House
Iron Mountain
The original Alpha Omega house was opened in 2013, as a sober recovery house, serving as an extension of the jail ministry in Dickinson County. The house is currently zoned for 8 residents.
Iron Mountain: 906-828-1600

The Alpha Omega House II- Escanaba

Escanaba: 906-233-7177

The rehabilitation can best be addressed with an array of services provided by caring professionals involving the individual, family, and community, centered on Christ.  Specifically, our mission is to provide a safe housing environment based on mutual dignity and respect, promote well-being, and encourage positive social contribution through faith.

The staff at Alpha Omega believes that all of these collective components will promote the success of our mission and the residents’ recovery.

If you believe you are ready to live a life of recovery, contact us


Iron Mountain: 906-828-1600

Escanaba: 906-233-7177